About me

I’m an Assistant Professor in the Rutgers Department of Linguistics, and a member of the Rutgers Center for Cognitive Science. I’m a linguist and a formal semanticist, which means that I study how humans pair linguistic form with meaning from a formal (which is to say, mathematical) point of view.

My research looks at scope and binding, questions and indefiniteness, focus, dynamic semantics, continuations and monads, ellipsis, and their interactions. I’m interested in how developments in other disciplines (say, category theory and computer science) can ground and enrich linguistic theory — see the Papers tab for some recent examples. I spend a lot of time thinking about how syntactic form constrains interpretation (and, occasionally, doesn’t); I have been both foe and friend to pseudo-scope mechanisms; I have a soft spot for direct interpretation.

My website’s being built right now. Not everything is populated just yet, and not everything that’s up is necessarily where or as it should be. But feel free to poke around in the meantime.